Solar Water Heater

Solar water heating system is a device that helps in heating water using the energy from the SUN. One of the mejor reasons for shortage of gas cylinder is using then for heating water. You can save gas / electricity by using the green revolution technology. Solar water heater can be used in restaurants, canteens, guest houses, hotels, hospitals etc. A solar water heater can significantly reduce expenses on electricity and provide energy independence.

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Solar Water Pumps

Solar water pumps are used to lift water for farms, gardens, drinking and other similar purposes. These solar powered water pumps are best alternatives in rural areas where there is much need of electricity for water pumps and that cannot be achieved due to high load shedding. Most of the times people thinks that solar water pumps must be difficult to install and maintain and must be costly but they think exactly opposite of the reality. Solar water pumps are the most ecofriendly structures to lift water.

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Solar Street Light

The best way to provide street electricity where it is difficult to reach normal grid. Solar lights provide you the optimum alternative for street lights as they are easy to install and cheaper if compared to longer life. Novus provides the best quality street lights to ensure maximum battery backup to achieve your needs.

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Solar Power Pack

Solar electricity which is also referred to as a mini grid, is a real invention in the field of natural resources. Solar electricity is perfect for areas without direct access to the public electricity grid. With the help of solar electricity system, you can simply use your equipments on solar power and save electricity. Your one time investment can save your lifetime expenses. Available capacity of power pack ranges from 0.5 kw to 100 kw or above depending upon the requirements. Noisy and polluting generators can be replaced by solar electricity system. Solar electricity system can be implemented in homes, colleges, institutes etc.

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Solar Parks

Solar Parks are really THE THING to generally Power in substantial quantity. We have in house capability to design & install parks of various capacities. These are mainly done in association with the Govt bodies, both at state as well as central levels.